Hybrid Landscape

collaboration with Vlado Danailov for MOTEL TORGIR, an artistic project dealing with research and preservation of modernism in post-socialist realm [moteltrogir.tumblr.com]

‘…nature has always existed and has always already been there’
Bruno LaTour, ‘We have never been modern’
Motel Trogir building designed by architect Ivan Vitic, built in 1965 in Trogir Croatia

Today, Motel Trogir is a forest. The borders once established have been crossed. The decay of culture has given space for the return of nature and complete control has been lost. The project is inspired by the spontaneous landscape in and around motel Trogir, a condition that shines a light towards a new posible placemaking approach. We venture into a paradox exciting to explore — to preserve a modernist legacy by moving the human away from the center of the story. We imagine a fictional storyboard that stretches forward and backward, through time in space. We start at a moment in the lifetime of a building, a second ago, the last ice age, now and the history yet to come. The scale is a motel room, the Earth, Trogir’s landscape and the Universe. We explore a visual and written narrative on the aesthetics and ethics: the decay is not necessarily ugly and the unbuilt is not genuinely empty. Vitic’s building is not a form following function anymore, yet it maintains an inherent placemaking value in its relation to the sea and the natural environment. In these conditions, we ask ourselves: what kind of hybrid landscape can encompass both humans and non-humans in a new symbiosis? How do we move beyond our own anthropocentric world, to include all other species to whom the land belongs?

an elevated walk